Graffiti On The Train (album)

Released 4th March 2013

Released : 4th March 2013
Editions : standard CD, deluxe CD, vinyl and digital

1. We Share the Same Sun
2. Graffiti on the Train
3. Indian Summer
4. Take Me
5. Catacomb
6. Roll The Dice
7. Violins and Tambourines
8. Been Caught Cheating
9. In A Moment
10. No-One’s Perfect

Bonus disc on the Deluxe CD album
1. Overland
2. In A Moment (alternative version)
3. We Share The Same Sun (up close)
4. Indian Summer (up close)
5. Graffiti on the Train (stripped)
6. In A Moment (Toydrum remix)

Bonus tracks on iTunes digital deluxe version
1. Zoe
2. Graffiti on the Train (stripped)
3. In A Moment (Toydrum remix)
4. Video for We Share The Same Sun (in the studio)
5. Indian Summer (in the studio)
6. In A Moment (alternative version) (in the studio)